April 25, 2013

Illegal Narcotics Found On Justin Bieber Tour Bus

Swedish police confirm a small amount of illegal narcotics were found on Justin Bieber’s tour bus in a raid Wednesday night. Stockholm police spokesman Varg Gyllander did not specify what kind of drugs was found.

The bus was outside a Stockholm hotel when an officer noticed a suspicious odor emanating from the vehicle. The officer contacted the narcotics unit, who then raided the bus when it was parked at Stockholm’s Global Arena. A stun gun was confiscated along with the drugs. Neither Bieber, 19, nor his team were on board the bus at the time of the search.

Police press officer Lars Bystrom tells Us Weekly magazine no one will be charged since the bus was empty and the drugs can’t be linked to a suspect. "The drugs have been sent for analysis and the stun gun has been seized, however because at the time of the raid the bus was empty, no suspects have been linked to the findings. We do not have any concrete suspicions against any specific individual," Bystrom explained. "There are no hearings planned over this. Myself and my colleagues are confident in this decision."

Bieber has not directly commented on the raid, but on Thursday he indicated on Twitter that the latest round of rumors about him are not true. "Some of the rumors about me . . . where do people even get this stuff," he wrote. "Whatever . . . back to the music."

The singer arrived in Finland on Thursday. He will perform at the Helsinki Arena Friday night.
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