April 11, 2013

Sean Lowe Acting Like A “Diva” On Dancing With The Stars

Sean Lowe managed to stay grounded while starring on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, but it looks like he is letting his stint on Dancing with the Stars go to his head. A show insider says Lowe has been displaying some “diva” behavior since beginning the dance competition.

“When he goes to the [Dancing with the Stars] after-parties, he’s always an hour late and brings the biggest entourage with him– like eight people. No one else does that,” says the source.

Lowe’s alleged attitude is beginning to take a toll on his relationship with fiancé Catherine Giudici. “Sean’s putting his work first now, which means his relationship has to take a backseat,” an insider explains. “But no woman wants to come in a distant second in her fiance’s life. Unless Sean is willing to put out his ambition and lust for fame and fortune, he’s going to lose his chance with Catherine.”

Despite rumors of trouble in their relationship, the couple put on a united front Monday on Dancing with the Stars’ live show. Lowe, 29, dedicated his Viennese Waltz to Giudici and even incorporated her into the performance. Lowe wrapped up the routine by waltzing solo to where Giudici sat in the audience and kissing her.

"Without question, the best year of my life was 2012," he explained. "The experience of being the Bachelor is one thing, but that pales in comparison to finding Catherine. And that's what it's all about."

"This dance definitely holds extra meaning for me," added Lowe. "Because I owe everything to Catherine for putting her life on hold to come down to L.A. to support me."

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