April 14, 2013

Tom Cruise's New Sci-fi Film Blockbuster Hit Around the World

Tom Cruise's new sci-fi blockbuster Oblivion has rocketed to the top of the global box office a week before its U.S. release.

The film, in which Cruise stars alongside Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman, has hit the number one spot in 48 of the 52 territories it debuted in over the weekend, raking in $61.1 million - half the movie's budget - in the process.

The sci-fi spectacular's success has given Cruise his biggest opening in Russia, where he premiered the film earlier this month with Kurylenko.

The movie also shot to the top of the box office charts in the U.K. and Ireland, France, Spain, Korea, Mexico and Australia.

Oblivion opens in North America and seven more international territories on Friday.

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