May 9, 2013

American Idol Bosses To Sack All 4 Judges

Thanks to waning ratings, a big shake up is reportedly coming to American Idol. Insiders claim show bosses plan to sack all of the judges – including Randy Jackson, the last remaining original judge. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is also allegedly on the chopping block

“All four are gone,” the source tells The Wrap of Jackson, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

Bosses hope the shake up will bring viewers back. "They feel they've lost their core audience and they want it back,” says the insider.

Another change in the works is a cutback on hefty pay checks -- new judges won’t receive anything near Carey’s reported $18 million a year or Minaj’s $12 million a year. “No more big checks for divas,” adds the source.

No comment has been made by Fox or reps for Jackson, Minaj, Carey and Urban. The next American Idol winner will be crowned next week. The three finalists are Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Candice Glover.
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