May 16, 2013

Keith Urban Wants To Return To American Idol For Season 13

Keith Urban is not ready for his American Idol journey to end. When asked about his thoughts on returning as a judge for season 13, the country singer told reporters that he would love to.

“I would. I mean, I literally enjoy coming to work every day, and that’s a rarity,” he said.

Veteran judge Randy Jackson has already confirmed his departure after the current season, but the fates of Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey remain unclear. Show insiders claim Idol bosses plan to let Urban, Minaj and Carey go in order to create a whole new judges panel.

Urban, 45, also opened up to reporters about his judging style. "For me it's just about seeing things about them that they need to get rid of because they get in the way of their true talent — little bad habits when you're starting out,” he explained. “You chip away all the stuff that is there in the beginning. In a lot of ways it's just picking up on those things that I probably had at that age as well.”

As for his thoughts on the final 2 contestants of season 12, Kree Harrison and Candice Glover, Urban says they “share a lot of traits.” "They have a lot of vulnerability and strength that are both apparent when they perform. They're both survivors. They both come from very rootsy, earthy, real families, and I think that's what's apparent in what they do,” he added. “There's no pageantry in either of them; that's why I love them both so much. They sing because they need to sing, not because they want to be famous. That's what they do and we're really lucky to have them.”
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