June 8, 2013

Paris Jackson Feels Something Is Missing In Home Life

Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt was the result of her emotional needs not being met by her grandmother and guardian Katherine Jackson, a family insider tells People magazine. Apparently trying to fill the void left by the 2009 death of her father Michael Jackson, the 15-year-old had turned to her estranged mother in recent months, but even a reconnection with Debbie Rowe didn’t help.

"Paris loves her grandmother but feels that Katherine can't provide for her emotional needs. She and Katherine are close, but it just isn't working for Paris. That's why Paris has turned to Debbie Rowe,” the source explains. “There is something missing in Paris's life. The family hasn't really taken this serious."

“She misses her father greatly,” the insider says of Paris. “She was the center of Michael's world. And it's all different now. She's just one of many grandkids now."

“It's really sad. Paris is the girl who has everything, but the girl who has nothing. She's so alone,” adds the source.

Meanwhile, news details about the teen’s suicide attempt on June 5 have emerged. Us Weekly magazine reports Paris tried to overdose on “20 Motrin” and cut herself with a knife. Apparently “freaked out” by her actions, Paris called out for help.

"I know Paris freaked out and regretted what she had done after she had done it," an insider told Us Weekly magazine. "That's when she cried for help. That saved her life."

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