July 23, 2013

Amanda Bynes Spoken To By Cops Again

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes had another brush with the law on Sunday when she was accused of trespassing at an old people's home in California.

The actress was spoken to by police officers after staff at the facility in Thousand Oaks dialled 911 when she turned up drunk outside the building.

According to editors at TMZ.com, staff called her a cab but eventually contacted cops when they saw the Hairspray star walking back towards the property.

It is not known if Bynes was merely advised by officers to leave the area or given a ticket for trespassing.

The incident is the latest in a string of woes for the actress - she is facing a charge of driving under the influence after allegedly crashing her car into a police vehicle last year, and a further accusation of driving on a suspended licence several months later. She is also accused of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and possessing marijuana after reportedly throwing a bong out of her apartment window during a police raid in May.

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