July 29, 2013

Big Brother 15 Week 5 Spoilers: MVP Nominee and POV Competition Results

Aaryn honored her deal with Helen this week and nominated Spencer and Howard for eviction. Helen’s alliance wants Howard gone and they have the numbers to make it happen, so Howard’s only hope is the Power of Veto.


America’s MVP nominee this week is Amanda. She got to play in the POV competition along with Aaryn, Howard and Spencer. The two randomly chosen players were Jessie and Candice.

Spencer won the veto and will take himself off the chopping block. Aaryn will be forced to name a replacement nominee. Her most likely choice is Candice because of Candice’s close relationship with Howard. The two girls have never liked each other, so that adds to the likelihood that Candice will find herself on the block next to her showmance partner.

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