August 31, 2013

Blonde Cher Pays Homage To Old Playboy Covers With Closer To The Truth

We were just told that Cher is the #1 trending topic on Yahoo right now due to her new album cover. So we just had to add to the excitement here. It was recently revealed that Cher  is paying homage to old Playboy magazine covers with Closer To Home.   Yeah, we've seen her do blonde before, but this time, it's  different.

   What do you think about the new album cover?  Too blonde, too sexy, too airbrushed? Too unexpected? Either way, Cher  always looks amazing! No argument here.

   There is also a special edition cover for Target. So now it's which cover do you like better?
Target exclusive for Closer To Home.
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KatyCats Alert: Katy Perry Reveals "Roar" Poster

Attention KatyCats....Katy Perry has revealed the poster for her musicvideofor "Roar" viaTwitter. She promises the video will be seen in "Junglescope" on September 5. We can't wait. How about you?

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August 30, 2013

Justin Timberlake Would Like to Portray Riddler in Batman Film

Justin Timberlake is keen to go mean and green  on the big screen as Batman's foe The Riddler.

The singer/actor has applauded Ben Affleck's casting as the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel, revealing he has become a big fan of the Argo director and star after working with him on new film Runner Runner last year.

He tells radio network Fresh 102.7, "I worked with Ben last summer and I've seen his process. I think he's a brilliant filmmaker. I think he's an extreme talent so he could surprise a lot of people."

And if movie bosses are considering more Batman movies, there is one comic book role he would be interested in.

He explains, "I have no aspiration to ever be a superhero in a movie. Now (a) villain! I'll tell you the villain I want to play more than anything because I grew up loving Batman, funny enough, is The Riddler. The Riddler is my favorite villain.

"The Riddler was, like, a sociopath. He was proper crazy. So if I'm gonna play crazy, I'm wanna play proper crazy. I'm ready. The Riddler. Gimme a call!"

Jim Carrey and late TV veteran Frank Gorshin have both previously portrayed The Riddler onscreen.

Elton's Partner Planning To Open Vegas Champagne Bar

Elton John's partner David Furnish is planning on opening a champagne lounge at Las Vegas' Caesars Palace.

The new bar, called Fizz, is expected to open this fall adjacent to Caesars' Forum Casino. It will be built between the Colosseum and the nearby entrance to the Forum Shops. The lounge will feature high-end champagnes by the glass, along with a range of cocktails.

John's personal chef is helping select caviar and charcuterie choices to complement the beverage selections.

"Fizz is an extension of our personal style," Furnish said in a news release. "Spending so much time in Las Vegas with Elton's performance schedule, we wanted a space that would reflect our personal style and become an extension of the way we entertain at home."

There is no official opening date yet.

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Green Day's Broadway American Idiot Now A Musical Documentary

Broadway Idiot, a documentary about a play based on an album, is set to screen in select theaters this fall.

Green Day's American Idiot, the album, was first released in 2004, then later adapted into a musical by the same time, which premiered in 2009 and opened on Broadway in 2010, before hitting the road as a tour in 2011.

Broadway Idiot, which was first announced back in January and premiered at South By Southwest in March, follows Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who appeared in some Broadway performances of the show, in his journey to adapt the album into a musical.

The Doug Hamilton-directed documentary showcases tons of behind the scenes footage, interviews, and more, and opens in New York on Oct. 11 and in select markets in the U.S., Canada, as well as on demand, Oct. 1st.

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Ozzy Osbourne Starts House Fire Cooking Bacon

Ozzy Osbourne almost set fire to his home when frying bacon this week.

The 64-year-old Black Sabbath rocker tried to make a breakfast sandwich at his Beverly Hills, California, mansion on Wednesday and nearly burned down the property for a second time this year.

Supposedly Ozzy was too dazed to pay full attention while cooking.

'Ozzy has just got back from four months abroad on tour, and was still a little jet-lagged and disorientated,' a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

'Shortly before bedtime, he went to make himself a little snack. Unfortunately, when frying the bacon, he managed to set light to the pan and triggered the smoke alarm.'

His wife Sharon was in the UK filming The X Factor at the time and she took to Twitter to lament over the accident immediately after it happened: 'I'm in London, @OfficialOzzy is in LA making a bacon sandwich last night and the fire brigade ended up at our house!!'

But luckily emergency authorities were on the scene quickly to assist.

'Because the Osbournes' alarm system is so advanced, and Ozzy has form for this kind of thing, an alert was immediately sent to the LAFD ' and officers were dispatched,' the source detailed.

'Ozzy was mortified when he realised the fuss he'd caused and apologised profusely to the fire crew. He has promised to be more careful, and less gung ho, in future.'

Ozzy and Sharon suffered another fire scare in January.

After the couple fell asleep before extinguishing a candle which exploded in its glass vase and sparked a small fire in their living room, Ozzy singed his hair and injured his hand while trying to put out the blaze.

Authorities arrived to rescue the couple in time and Sharon, 60, told TMZ shortly after the accident she would be banning candles from the home.

Video Watch: Elton John Performs Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight) at Capitol Studios

Elton John is back with a new live video for "Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)" filmed at Capitol Studios. Check it out below! The new track is from Elton’s forthcoming album The Diving Board (9/24) and marks the artist’s first solo studio album in seven years.

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Clint Eastwood and wife Dina Separate, Report Says

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina have reportedly separated after 17 years of marriage.

Reality TV star Dina confirmed the news on Thursday, telling Us Weekly magazine she and her husband remain close but they have been living apart for some time.

When contacted about the reports, filmmaker Eastwood's representative said, "I know nothing about that."

The split news comes just four months after Dina reportedly checked into a rehabilitation clinic to tackle personal issues.

She and Clint married in 1996 and have one daughter together, 16-year-old Morgan, who appeared with her mother and half-sister Francesca in reality TV show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, which aired last year.

This is Eastwood's second union - he was married to first wife Maggie Johnson for almost 30 years before they divorced in 1984.
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British Actor Simon Pegg Eyes X-Files Role

British actor Simon Pegg is keen to land a role in the next big screen installment of The X-Files.

The Shaun of the Dead star is adamant original FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, should be included in the upcoming third film, and he is desperate for a role himself.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "I was a big fan of The X-Files and I've become friends with Gillian Anderson since. I've always loved that show so it's definitely something I'd consider. It's a great story and it would be nice to see it continue... (but) it has to be with David Duchovny and with Gillian. "

August 29, 2013

Cher Unveils "Closer To Home" Cover Artwork and Track Listing

Cher has unveiled the much anticipated artwork for her Closer To The Truth album. Her 26th studio album will be released internationally on September 30 and October 14 in the UK.

We took notice that the track listing is minus the rumored cover of "Our Lips Are Sealed" or the Lady Gaga duo. But then again we didn't really expect it to be included, only hoping that it might be.

Standard edition:

1. "Woman's World"
2. "Take It Like a Man" (featuring Jake Shears)
3. "My Love"
4. "Dressed to Kill"
5. "Red"
6. "Lovers Forever"
7. "I Walk Alone"
8. "Sirens"
9. "Favourite Scars"
10. "I Hope You Find It"
11. "Lie to Me"

Deluxe edition:
12. "I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream"
13. "Pride"
14. "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" (Original Version)
15. "Woman's World" (R3hab Remix)
16. "Woman's World" (Jodie Harsh Radio Remix)
17. "Will You Wait For Me"

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Paul McCartney Releases "New" Single and Announces New Album Due in October

Paul McCartney has released the first single (and title track) from his upcoming 16th solo album, ‘New.’  Speaking about the New track, Paul said: "We can do what we want, we can live as we choose."

Produced by Mark Ronson, ‘New’ offers fans their first glimpse of the record we’ve been hearing rumblings of throughout 2013. Earlier this summer, McCartney’s drummer, Abraham Laboriel, Jr., described the songs he’d been working on as incorporating “a lot of different styles. It’s very youthful — aggressively rock at times, and singer-songwriter, insular and intimate, at others.” Laboriel’s comments came on the heels of an interview with Ronson, who said of McCartney, “He’s done every kind of music. He invented the rule book in several different ways. I don’t know if [our music] is revolutionary, but they’re brilliant songs. I just tried to give him a sound he was looking for.”

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Cher Covers Preston's "Dressed To Kill" on New Album

Cher's new album features a cover of 'Dressed To Kill', the debut solo single by Samuel Preston of The Ordinary Boys.

After The Ordinary Boys split in 2008, Preston launched a solo career as an electro-pop singer and 'Dressed To Kill' was his debut single. However, the track failed to chart and plans to release an album were shelved.

Preston co-wrote 'Dressed To Kill' with songwriter Mark Taylor, who has worked with Cher on numerous occasions over the years and the veteran US pop singer appears to have unearthed the track for 'Closer To The Truth', her first studio album since 2001, which comes out next month (September).

The tracklisting includes a song called 'Dressed To Kill' and Cher has tweeted lyrics, Popjustice reports, identical to those from Preston's single. Preston's original version of 'Dressed To Kill' features a sample of 'Happy House' by Siouxsie & The Banshees but it's not known yet whether Cher's cover version will use the same sample.

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Lady Gaga Readies iTunes Music Festival Performance

Lady Gaga is in London rehearsing for her headlining performance at the iTunes Music Festival on September 1st.

Lady Gaga is in London rehearsing for her headlining performance at the iTunes Music Festival on September 1st. Gaga will open the fest with an hour-long set of brand new music from her upcoming album ARTPOP.

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Icona Pop Gear Up To Release Much Anticipated Debut Album, September 24th

As Icona Pop gear up for their debut album release, ‘THIS IS…ICONA POP” on September 24th, and continue to tour North America this summer, the duo reveal a new collaboration titled 'My Party' featuring one of their favorite New York rapper/performers Zebra Katz, recorded after meeting during SXSW in Austin, TX earlier this year.

Today, the track listing was also revealed for “THIS IS…Icona Pop”— their debut LP coming via Artist Company TEN / Big Beat / Atlantic, will feature well known hits including ‘I Love It (featuring Charli XCX)’, their current single ‘All Night’, ‘Girlfriend’, ‘We Got The World’ as well as 6 previously unheard tracks ‘In The Stars’, ‘On A Roll’, ‘Just Another Night’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Light Me Up’, and ‘Then We Kiss’.

In other news, Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt continue to make U.S. chart history with their smash single ‘I Love It featuring Charli XCX’. The track, has now been officially RIAA Certified Double Platinum, selling more than 2 million copies in the United States alone, and recently knocked Robin Thicke off of the #1 position in the UK Charts.

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August 28, 2013

Julian Lennon and The White Feather Foundation Support Worldwide Humanitarian Efforts

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Julian Lennon started The White Feather Foundation in 2007 to deal with environmental and humanitarian issues. The White Feather Foundation has already funded and completed important projects relieving poverty and distress in Kenya; in the Amazon Basin; in Sri Lanka; in Peru and in Gambia as well as funding ecological projects in England. This year WFF is focusing their efforts on the most pressing problem that plagues the developing world, clean water. Watch the informative video and learn how you can help save lives!

"Dad once said to me, that should he pass away, if there was some way of letting me know he was going to be ok - that we were all going to be ok - the message would come to me in the form of a White Feather ... One thing for sure is that the White Feather has always represented peace to me, as well as communication..." - Julian Lennon

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Ellie Goulding Announces March 2014 O2 Show And Arena Dates

Ellie Goulding has today announced she will play an arena tour in the UK in March 2014, including a date at The 02 in London. The dates have been added due to phenomenal demand, and follow her sold out UK tour in October. The Hereford-born singer-songwriter is enjoying a hugely successful year after scoring her first UK number one single 'Burn' - which is enjoying its second consecutive week at the top of the charts - and topping sales of over four million albums and fifteen million singles. Ellie Goulding's repackaged album 'Halcyon Days' is out now and includes ten new songs plus collaborations with Calvin Harris, DJ Fresh, Madeon and BURNS.

The March dates are:

On The Record: Katy Perry Discusses Writing "Roar"—"It's a song about standing up for yourself"

Katy Perry was ready to rumble when she released her new single, "Roar," but her battle wasn't against any other artists, it was against her toughest opponent, herself.

"I started the record in November, but things were really flowing by the spring and it's a song about standing up for yourself," Perry told MTV News. "Who can be the biggest bully in the equation is yourself and can get in your way and it's a song about speaking up for yourself and having the strength." Watch the MTV video clip below for more on "Roar".

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August 27, 2013

Kelly Osbourne to Miley Cyrus: Put Your Tongue in Your Mouth

Kelly Osbourne has offered her friend Miley Cyrus some advice following the former child star's controversial MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

Cyrus has been all over the headlines after taking the stage with Robin Thicke for a sexually-charged duet on his hit song Blurred Lines, and many people in Hollywood have criticized the 20-year-old for going too far with her raunchy routine, but Osbourne has offered up some more pointed advice.

She says, "Look Miley's my friend and I love her, and I have her back no matter what, but, as her friend, I'm going to tell her - put your (expletive) tongue in your mouth! I love you, but just put your tongue in your mouth."

Previously, Osbourne defended her pal on, telling followers, "I wish ppl (people) would back off @MileyCyrus... yes she pushed peoples buttons but she is young & expressing herself... I think people forget that she is an actress! She only played #HannahMontana but she IS @MileyCyrus!"

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P!nk Breaks Two Records in Australia For Her Truth About Love World Tour

 Congrats  all around to our girl P!nk who broke two records in Melbourne, Australia. She  attracted 18 sold out shows across July and August 2013 as part of her Truth About Love World Tour surpassing the previous arena  record of 17 shows in 2009, also  set by P!nk during her Funhouse Tour.

The Truth About Love World Tour has sold close to 250,000 tickets in Melbourne alone (no other artist has played to people in Melbourne on one tour).

The closest was AC/DC's three shows at Etihad Stadium in 2011 which sold around 180,000 tickets, while Madonna's three MCG shows were seen by around 145,000 people in 1993.

Between all her tours at Rod Laver Arena Pink has sold over 500,000 tickets - another venue record!

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Alec Baldwin Involved in Incident With Photographer

Actor Alec Baldwin has been involved in another altercation with a photographer.

The alleged incident occurred on Tuesday in New York and there are conflicting reports surrounding who the aggressor was.

According to and sources close to the couple, Baldwin and his wife Hilaria were grabbing something to eat when the shutterbug became overzealous.

However, the photographer insists he did not approach the couple aggressively.

He tells WENN, "I was taking video and asking questions. Ultimately I was doing my job."

Baldwin's newborn daughter, Carmen Gabriela who was born on Friday, was not with the actor at the time of the incident.

The actor and the photographer, who both admitted to pushing each other, have decided not to press charges and the police have reportedly closed the case.

This isn't Baldwin's first run-in with paparazzi. In June, he was accused of hitting a photographer, after obtaining a marriage licence in New York.

August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus To Release New Album ‘Bangerz’ Oct. 8th

(pr)—Global superstar Miley Cyrus is to release new album titled "Bangerz" on October 8th. Collaborating with renowned producers and songwriters such as Mike Will, Pharrell, Future, and, this album marks a creative evolution for Miley. "Bangerz" is currently available for pre-order. Those who pre-order "Bangerz" at iTunes will get an instant grat track of "Wrecking Ball" and "We Can't Stop". Additionally both "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" are available for purchase at all digital retails providers.

"Wrecking Ball" the second single from "Bangerz" already hit the #1 spot at on the iTunes Top Songs Chart. Cyrus currently has two tracks in the Top 5 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart and "Bangerz" is currently in the Top 5 on the iTunes Albums Chart.

The first single "We Can't Stop" was released on June 3rd and immediately shot to #1 on iTunes in the US and 23 other countries. The single has climbed to #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has sold over 2 million tracks in the US alone. "We Can't Stop" also became Cyrus' first #1 single in the UK. In addition, the video for "We Can't Stop" broke VEVO's record for most views in a 24 hour period, and in only 37 days became the fastest video to reach 100 million views across VEVO.

Miley Cyrus is a world renowned entertainer with record breaking success in film, television and music. She is a multiplatinum recording artist and has sold over 12 million albums and 20 million tracks in the US alone.

Video Watch: Katy Perry Closes Out MTV Awards With A "Roar"

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In case you missed it...

The 'Firework' singer dons a tiger print sports bra and flame print shorts to perform her hit single on a boxing ring-themed stage at Brooklyn Bridge Park.Katy Perry closed this year's MTV Video Music Awards with the first live TV performance of "Roar", her newest single off "Prism" album. Performing from Brooklyn Bridge Park, the 28-year-old singer appeared on the stage in a tiger print sports bra and flameprint shorts.

The boxing ring-themed stage was also decorated with a gold lion and a goldtiger head. Along with two back dancers, Perry showed off her jump-roping skill. She ended her set after standing on a gold-plated podium and accepting her golden belt.
Source: Ace

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Video Watch: Red Carpet Recap At The VMAs: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift--Hottest Highlights and Outrageous Outfits!

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In case you missed it.... Here's the GMA's recap of the VMAs  Last night. 

Video Watch: Lady Gaga opens The 2013 MTV Awards—Strips Down to Bikini For "Applause"

The MTV Music Awards kicks off with Lady Gaga.

The always controversial singer opening the show with her latest single “applause.”

The diva wearing a white head piece and going through several wardrobe and wig changes.The awards show celebrates the year’s best videos and artists.

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The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards Winners — FULL LIST!

Video Music Awards were live from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sunday.  More coverage  to come. For starters, here's the list of winners...


Pink, feat. Nate Ruess, “Just Give Me A Reason”


30 Seconds to Mars, “Up in the Air”


Selena Gomez, “Come and Get It”


Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu, “Q.U.E.E.N”


Justin Timberlake, “Suit and Tie”


Bruno Mars, “Treasure”


Capital Cities, “Safe and Sound”


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton, “Can’t Hold Us”


Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors”


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, feat. Ray Dalton, ”Can’t Hold Us”


Taylor Swift, “I Knew You Were Trouble”


Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, feat. Mary Lambert, “Same Love”


One Direction, “Best Song Ever”


Austin Mahone


Bruno Mars, “Locked Out of Heaven”


Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors”

August 25, 2013

Prince George Heads Home To London's Kensington Palace

As they prepare to leave the comfort of their first home in Wales, this week’s special double issue of PEOPLE reports on Prince William and Princess Kate as they adjust to life with 5-week-old son Prince George and get ready for the next chapter. The couple’s new normal means sleepless nights and diaper duty for the happy family of three – four, counting beloved cocker spaniel Lupo – transitioning into a new life.

He’s only been at this royal baby thing for a little more than a month, but Prince George has already mastered the job’s two main duties: 1) getting bigger; and 2) thoroughly exhausting his parents. While the future king – a “little bit of a rascal…he either reminds me of my brother or me,” William told CNN – continues to exert his newborn authority, his mom and dad are working their way through a to-do list that include settling on godparents, packing up their first home – an idyllic four-bedroom farmhouse in Anglesey, Wales for the grandeur of Kensington Palace in London, and scheduling their first joint engagement since welcoming George on July 22. Amid all the change, how are the new parents feeling? “On a scale of 1 to 10, it must be near a 10,” says a close family friend. “Everything is spot-on and they’re tremendously happy.”

One constant throughout all the change, however, remains the couple’s steadfast determination to do things their way, including the decision to have the heir’s first portraits snapped by Kate’s dad, Michael Middleton, 64. “Once again William wants a new way of being royal, which is what his mother always wanted,” says royals author Judy Wade. Don’t look for William and Kate to strictly conform to traditional expectations. “I am as independent as I want to be, same as Catherine and Harry. We’ve all grown up differently to other generations,” William told CNN.

Source: Starpulse

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Eminem Brings Dido Onstage At Britain's Reading Festival

Hip-hop  star Eminem surprised revellers at Britain's Reading Festival on Saturday (24Aug13) when he brought singer Dido onstage during his headlining set.

The rapper, real name Marshall Mathers Iii, topped the bill on the second night of the event, following punk trio Green Day after they performed on Friday night (23Aug13).

The crowd roared as Eminem, who was 20 minutes late, took the stage and opened with new single Survival, before playing hits including Lose Yourself and The Way I Am.

He told fans, "I feel like I'm not even working right now, just having fun. I think this is the loudest crowd we've ever had - I'm not joking."

Dido arrived unannounced when Eminem began his hit Stan, which features a sample of the singer's  track Thank You. He hugged the Brit after they finished the song and told the audience, "Make some noise for Dido, y'all!"

Eminem was backed by a live band, and wrapped up the show with a medley of three of his greatest hits, My Name Is, The Real Slim Shady and Without Me.

The Grammy winner will repeat the set at Reading's sister site in Leeds on Sunday night (25Aug13).

August 24, 2013

Robert Pattinson Makes Secret Visit To Kids' Hospital

Robert Pattinson thrilled fans by showing up unannounced at a children's hospital in Los Angeles last week.

The Twilight hunk stunned young patients in the Teen Lounge at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles on 16 August when he arrived on a visit, which had been kept secret by hospital staff.

The star sat with patients and painted picture frames, posed for pictures, and visited two young fans with cystic fibrosis who were unable to leave their rooms.

Hospital staff member Ana Vega says, "Robert was so nervous about meeting the kids - he didn't want to let them down - which is a testament to how humble he is.

"He was incredibly gracious and kind. He will probably never fully understand what a huge lift he gave to these kids today, and how it will positively impact them over the long term."

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VMA Video Of The Year Showdown: Who Will Win Night's Biggest Prize?

Over the past three decades, there has been the odd installment of the MTV Video Music Awards where an underdog shocks the world by winning Video of the Year ... think Panic! at the Disco in 2006, or Jamiroquai in 1997. Though it's safe to say that won't happen at this year's show.

Mostly because there are no underdogs in the 2013 Video of the Year category. Instead, it's five of the biggest names in the business going head-to-head for the ultimate prize. The guy with the year's best-selling album? He's in the running. The group with the year's best-selling song? They're here too. So is a guy with five #1 singles, the undisputed champion of the Summer Jam sweepstakes andthe girl who had the biggest album debut in a decade.

Simply put, it's superstars only. So who's got the best shot at winning? Shoot, your guess is as good as ours (how can there be a favorite when they're allfavorites?!?) Here's a look at the five nominees for Video of the Year ... any of which could take home the hardware on Sunday night. And be sure to check out MTV's VMA All Access Experience on where our experts will weigh in on the closely watched category.
(Source): MTV

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August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck Is The New Batman!

(MTV)—In the summer of 2015, Ben Affleck will be able to say "I'm Batman," when he faces off against Henry Cavill's Superman in the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel.

Warner Bros. announced Thursday night that the Academy Award winner, who was once rumored to direct a "Justice League" film for the studio and DC Comics, will don the cowl as Bruce Wayne, replacing Christian Bale after his iconic three-movie run as Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight.

The news came as somewhat of a shock to fans who have been following the casting rumors closely after director Zack Snyder announced at this year's San Diego Comic-Con that the follow-up to his Superman reboot would pit the two heroes against each other. Early casting rumors named actors like Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling as potential candidates. Read more>>

August 22, 2013

Katy Perry Roars In The Billboard Digital Songs Chart This Week

Katy Perry’s upbeat pump up tune Roar is taking the world, or parts of it anyway. In the week since its release, the single has sold 557.000 digital copies, according to MTV. The sales meant the song is now at the top of the Billboard Digital Songs Chart. Roar turns out to be the fastest seller of Katy Perry’s career, surpassing even her 2010 smash hit Firework, which shifted 509,000 copies in its first week.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Digital Songs Chart looks pretty familiar – Lady Gaga’s Applause enters at number 3, while Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines at 2, Jay Z’s Holy Grail at 4 and Miley Cyrus still partying it up with with We Can’t Stop at 6, the chart this week also features a fresh addition. 16-year-old New Zealand native Lorde is having a completely different kind of party at Number 10. This is Lorde’s first foray into the Billboard chart, but with clever original lyrics, an interesting voice and a chilled out, relatable image like hers, it it’s likely to be the first of many. With 107,000 digital downloads thus far, the songenters the chart with a bang this week.

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Glen Tilbrook of Squeeze Announces Fall US Acoustic Tour

(pr)—As half of the iconic songwriter team Difford and Tilbrook of beloved pop legendsSqueeze, Glenn Tilbrook has written some of the most enduring pop classics of the '80s UK New Wave invasion with such global hits as "Tempted" and "Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)." With more recent performances at Coachella and on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Live From the Artist's Den, Squeeze has proven itself to be relevant and enduring as new generations of fans discover the band's incredible songbook. On his own, Glenn is a effortless, engaging entertainer and stunning guitarist whose eagerly anticipated solo tours and releases have brought him critical acclaim as an artist in his own right. Glenn will be releasing a new solo album in late 2013 through Quixotic Records titledHappy Ending (more on that soon) and will be bringing the Glenn Tilbrook Happy Trails Tour 2013 to the States for a comprehensive US tour that will kick off in Boston on September 5 and finish back on the East Coast in mid-October. Tour highlights include two NYC dates on Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8 at City Winery and an LA show on Friday, September 27 at The Mint. (Scroll down for complete tour dates.)

A new unique and exciting aspect of Glenn's 2013 US Tour is that every show is set to be recorded live and then made available at the end of the night from the merchandise stand. Tilbrook says, "Over the years so many people have asked for recordings of the acoustic shows. Now the audience will be able to take home a recording of the show that they have just enjoyed and were a part of."

The tour will be different from anything that Glenn has previously done. While the first half will simply be Glenn on his own, the second half will see him joined by Squeeze drummer Simon Hanson and multi-instrumentalist Chris McNally and will feature percussion, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, Indian harmonium, bass and iPads for a completely new show. As well as performing songs from his back catalog, Glenn will be showcasing his new solo material from Happy Ending and also songs from his 2011 release with UK blues legends Nine Below Zero, The Co-Operative. The new and different line-up for the show with Simon Hanson and Chris McNally is based around the new sound on Happy Ending, which is a collaboration between the three musicians.

Glenn's wit, humor and keen pop savvy and ability to connect with an audience have brought him a fervent following for his solo shows -- he once led a Washington DC audience out to the Moonlit parking lot of the venue for impromptu renderings of "Goodbye Girl" and "Pulling Mussels From the Shell." Catch one of these intimate, don't-miss shows on one of the tour dates below.

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Richie Sambora Fired From Bon Jovi Tour, Sources Say

Bon Jovi's lead guitarist Richie Sambora was fired from the band's tour, according to media reports.

The rocker reportedly fell out with Jon Bon Jovi and their bandmates over money, according to

Sambora still collects songwriting royalties and profits from merchandise, but he won't be rejoining the band  onstage after stepping down earlier this year.

Neither the guitarist nor Bon Jovi have discussed the split, or the reason for it, but Sambora is reportedly not taking the news well.

A source says, "Richie wants to go back on stage. That's his first love. He's really upset over the news."

The 54-year-old Sambora has not performed with the band since the spring, citing a "personal matter," and in July Sambora revealed he wouldn't be joining the band for their much-anticipated Hyde Park shows in London.

He said, "I am not going to be onstage at Hyde Park sadly. It's just not happening right now. I truly want to be there and I feel very sad for the fans that I won't be performing. I love the fans, I love the band."

He added, "Jon (Bon Jovi) and I have been tight for, like, 30 years, so all of this is very sad."

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Video Watch: Elton John Premieres "Home Again"

Elton John unveils "Home Again"; the first single from his new album 'The Diving Board' due for release on September 16th 2013. He will also be embarking on worldwide tour to support it kicking off at the BRITs Icon Award Event where he is to be honoured.

For more on Elton John, check out our special section here!

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Danny Tenaglia And R3hab Team Up With Ono To Reinvent 'Walking On Thin Ice'

Following a decade of dancefloor domination as her alter-ego ONO, Yoko Onocomes full circle with the release of brand new remixes of her landmark 1981 classic "WALKING ON THIN ICE" from Grammy-nominated house musiclegend DANNY TENAGLIA and Dutch EDM heavyweight R3HAB.

In 2003, MIND TRAIN and TWISTED RECORDS took this song to the top of the Billboard Club chart kicking off ONO'S streak of 10 #1 BILLBOARD HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY chart-topping club hits, including "HOLD ME", "TALKING TO THE UNIVERSE", "MOVE ON FAST", "I'M NOT GETTING ENOUGH", "NO NO NO" and "EVERYMAN / EVERYWOMAN".

Ten years on, ONO revisits "WALKING ON THIN ICE" and teams up with DANNY TENAGLIA and R3HAB to reinvent the timeless anthem giving it a modern retrofit melding the classic with the contemporary - old school and new school - with blistering results.

TENAGLIA, whose studio output since the start of the 21st century has been greatly limited, dusted off his studio chops to deliver an incendiary rework of the classic cut. His first remix in nearly a decade, Danny comes out swinging with an epic masterpiece with all the hallmarks of his best work. In an era of A.D.D., Danny reminds us of the glory of a mind-twisting, continually unfolding 10+ minute journey into sound.

R3HAB has firmly established himself in the Dutch dance scene alongside Chuckie and Afrojack. With his crisp, high-octane productions, R3HAB's become one of the most highly sought-after EDM A-listers with a discography that includes remixes for artists like LADY GAGA, MADONNA, LMFAO, JENNIFER LOPEZ, CALVIN HARRIS, KASKADE, FAR EAST MOVEMENT, PITBULL, DAVID GUETTA, and KATY PERRY.

Originally recorded during the 'Double Fantasy' recording sessions with John Lennon, "WALKING ON THIN ICE" would be the last recording by John and Yoko -- recorded on that fateful night of December 8, 1980. Released in the early months of 1981, the pioneering electronic-injected dance / post-disco / nu-wave hybrid would become ONO's definitive masterstroke and, easily one of her most accessible, best-known and well-regarded works, brilliantly capturing the kinetic pulse, tension, gritty nihilism and urban cool that defined the times then, and, in an acknowledgement to its timeless insights, continues to define them now.

The slightest of glances at today's world makes it clear that we're WALKING ON THIN ICE 2013. TENAGLIA and R3HAB get it, and nailed it.

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Charli Xcx Confirmed To Support Paramore On Their UK Arena Tour September 2013

21-year-old Charlotte Aitchison aka Charli XCX is pleased to announce that she'll be supporting US rock trio Paramore on their upcoming UK arena headline tour in September, which will include two dates at London's Wembley Arena. Unfortunately, this means that Charli has had to postpone her upcoming US September headline tour until October/November.

Charli commented: "I'm very happy to have been asked to support Paramore on their UK tour. I've never really done shows in the UK outside of London before so it's going to be something different and kind of scary for me. Of course I am really, truly so so sorry to everyone who got tickets to my US shows, as now I will have to reschedule those dates and I hate the fact that I will have let lots of people down. It's weird, I always feel strangely at home when I play shows in America and the fans I have out there are literally the best, most killer fans in the world. I'm upset that you guys are going to be disappointed and annoyed at me, as I really did have big things planned for this tour, so it's very sad. I'm working really hard to reschedule the dates right now and all I can promise you is that the shows will be even bigger and better than anything I've ever done before."

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Props From Blockbuster Films Scheduled For Auction

Rare Hollywood memorabilia including props from blockbusters Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mission: Impossible III are to go up for auction next month.

Bosses at Premier Props are opening up their vaults for a high-profile sale, which will include the enormous truck featured in Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy Bruno, Lori Petty's goggles from Tank Girl, and Larry Hagman's personal mobile dressing room from the set of Dallas.

Ryan Gosling's motorcycle from The Place Beyond The Pines, a throne from 1956 epic The Ten Commandments, and costumes from Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal's new crime drama Prisoners are also on sale, along with stunt guns used in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible sequel.

The auction will feature more than 1,000 movie props and outfits and will take place in El Segundo, California on September 28.

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