August 29, 2013

Cher Unveils "Closer To Home" Cover Artwork and Track Listing

Cher has unveiled the much anticipated artwork for her Closer To The Truth album. Her 26th studio album will be released internationally on September 30 and October 14 in the UK.

We took notice that the track listing is minus the rumored cover of "Our Lips Are Sealed" or the Lady Gaga duo. But then again we didn't really expect it to be included, only hoping that it might be.

Standard edition:

1. "Woman's World"
2. "Take It Like a Man" (featuring Jake Shears)
3. "My Love"
4. "Dressed to Kill"
5. "Red"
6. "Lovers Forever"
7. "I Walk Alone"
8. "Sirens"
9. "Favourite Scars"
10. "I Hope You Find It"
11. "Lie to Me"

Deluxe edition:
12. "I Don't Have to Sleep to Dream"
13. "Pride"
14. "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me" (Original Version)
15. "Woman's World" (R3hab Remix)
16. "Woman's World" (Jodie Harsh Radio Remix)
17. "Will You Wait For Me"

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