August 1, 2013

David Tennant on Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: “It is lovely to have returned”

David Tennant has spoken about how happy he was to return for the 50th anniversary special.

In an interview with SFX, he said wasn’t surprised to be asked back: “There is a precedent to this, isn’t there? It has happened a few times down the years so it was never out of the realms of possibility that it would happen for the 50th anniversary.”

He adds: “I was more surprised about how long it took to come through. It actually took quite a long time. There had been a sketchy little conversation about it – and there was a long gap before I got the call. For a long time I was starting to think it was never going to happen – so there was an element of surprise there. But the general concept was something I always expected.”

Asked how it felt to be back in the pinstripe, he said: “Well it is all done – I’ve filmed everything. Now I just have to wait for everyone to see it. But, yes, it is lovely to have returned to something that meant so much to me and that was such a happy time. I am grateful that it was a happy time again. There is always that danger of going back to something and it does not turn out quite how you remember it, but that was not the case with this…” Read More at Doctor Who TV
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