August 14, 2013

Lady Gaga and Cher "The Greatest Thing" Leaks

“The Greatest Thing,” the duet between Lady Gaga and Cher that Momma Monster has disavowed, surfaced today.

As you recall, in June Cher replied to a fan on Twitter that Lady Gaga “doesn’t like it, or want it to come out. She’s an artist, it’s up to her. I’m disappointed 2.”

Now, in addition to being disappointed, Cher is also pissed. Apparently, the RedOne-produced version that leaked today is the “wrong version,” she tweeted. Her full tweet: “Disappointed (I’ve sat on fkng song 4 over a yr) NOW SOME ASSHOLE LEAKS WRONG VERSION! GaGa’S SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS).” What a nice little plug for “Applause," which also leaked, forcing Lady Gaga to release it a week early, yesterday.
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