August 26, 2013

Video Watch: Katy Perry Closes Out MTV Awards With A "Roar"

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In case you missed it...

The 'Firework' singer dons a tiger print sports bra and flame print shorts to perform her hit single on a boxing ring-themed stage at Brooklyn Bridge Park.Katy Perry closed this year's MTV Video Music Awards with the first live TV performance of "Roar", her newest single off "Prism" album. Performing from Brooklyn Bridge Park, the 28-year-old singer appeared on the stage in a tiger print sports bra and flameprint shorts.

The boxing ring-themed stage was also decorated with a gold lion and a goldtiger head. Along with two back dancers, Perry showed off her jump-roping skill. She ended her set after standing on a gold-plated podium and accepting her golden belt.
Source: Ace

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