September 19, 2013

Cher Regrets Bashing Miley Cyrus

Cher was forced into defending herself after her recent comments to E! News that she isn't exactly the biggest Miley Cyrus fan in the world, especially after her twerkerific performance at the MTV VMAs last month. The legendary performer took to Twitter to address the controversy surrounding her comments on Wednesday, 18 September, stating that whilst she stands by what she said, she still respects the 'Wrecking Ball' singer as an artists and has nothing but respect for anyone out there "pushing the envelope" like Miley.

Having initially said that Miley can "do better" than put on a controversial show at an awards ceremony, Cher told her Twitter followers that she feels "a little ashamed" of letting her opinions get the best of her. Her tweets continued, as she regretted "falling prey" to the prying questions that demanded her opinion, and explained that she is too old have her filter on 24/7. She continued, tweeting, "What I should have said, "I didn't like it that much,but she's Pushing The Envelope,being an ARTIST ! She's Talented,& DIDNT COMMIT A FELONY." Source: Contactmusic

Re:Miley S....I Think What I Think,but Having Said That...I'm a little ashamed 

I didn't keep my big Opinionated mouth Shut.WTF is MY PROBLEM ! I'm 2 Old to fall prey 2"Tell us, Oh wise 1,What did YOU think of M.S ? "
(which is Total bullshit,how can u B a LITTLE ASHAMED) that

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