September 21, 2013

Lady Gaga Answers Fans’ Questions On Twitter About New Album, Music and More

Lady Gaga took to her Twitter account on Friday to answer fans’ questions about her upcoming album ARTPOP and much more. Enjoy the highlights of Gaga’s Q&A, including new details, a new song title and much more:

@TwiHardMonster: L.A. album signing: yes or no?
Lady Gaga: There will be an album signing. We’re figuring out when and where because we have so many things planned. But I insisted!

@L00pyGagaloo: What are your choices for the next single?:
Gaga: There’s a lot of choices. I want to choose something that’s totally me! For me it’s about choosing the best song.

@Amelia_x_: What inspired the head on a swan bit in the “Applause” video? I do love it in all its weirdness!
Gaga: Inez & Vinnoodh, Brandon Maxwell, and me! We wanted to tell a quick tale of the “ugly duckling” emerging into the spotlight!

@Artpawsupop: Is there any chance you are going to choose a song we didn’t hear yet?
Gaga: Yes!

@gertrudr: Will there be something totally unexpected on the album?
Gaga: Every song on the album is completely different. I delve deeply into other genres and the collaborations are really authentic.

@princesshxgh: What’s been your favourite time so far performing “Applause”?
Gaga: MTV awards! But I’m just getting started. I was still in pain from recovery during that. Now I’m really getting back to my old self.


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