September 13, 2013

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Cher Song Dispute

Lady Gaga has finally spoken out about her decision to block the release of her collaboration with Cher, insisting the song wasn't up to par because they recorded their vocals separately.

Cher has been candid about her frustration after Gaga refused to let the song, titled The Greatest Thing, feature on The Believe hitmaker's new album.

But an unfinished version of the track was leaked online last month.

Gaga has now opened up about the dispute over the song, admitting she didn't like the finished product because it wasn't a true collaboration between the two artists.

"I have so much respect for Cher and I love Cher so much that when we do a duet that we release, I wanted it to be something that was really, really special," Gaga said, speaking on US TV show Watch What Happens Live.

"...We just didn't have time to work on it together...

"We recorded it (separately)... and I wrote the song a long time ago."

"To be fair, if I was writing a song for Cher now, I would want to hear her album and I want to know where she is in her life. I would want to talk to her about where she is going musically and I didn't get to do any of those things."So I didn't want to put out something that wasn't up to par with what Cher has put out before. It's not really about me, it's more about her. Because it's Cher!"

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