October 31, 2013

TV Watch: Julian Lennon on Chelsea Lately VIDEO

Hilarious interview clip with Julian discussing his chance encounter with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and how they joined forces for "Someday", the inspirational duet from Julian's latest album "Everything Changes".

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Lady Gaga Confirmed For American Music Awards’s and Saturday Night Live

    Lady Gaga has scheduled many appearances for November to promote her upcoming album ARTPOP, in stores November 11th. The singer is set to host “Saturday Night Live,” and perform as the musical guest on the late night program’s November 16th broadcast. The episode will mark Lady Gaga’s third appearance as a musical guest on the NBC show, and first time hosting. A week later, Lady Gaga will perform at the 2013 American Music Awards on Sunday, November 24th which will broadcast live from Los Angeles. The singer will most likely perform her latest single ‘Do What U Want’ featuring R. Kelly, which debuts at #13 on the Hot 100 this week. Also, look out for her Thanksgiving special “Lady Gaga & the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular” which airs on November 28th on ABC.


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Elton John and Jack White Collaborate on New Recording

Jack White has the blues again, and this time, Elton John fans will reap the rewards.

John spilled the beans during a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, during which he waxed rhapsodic about his working relationship with producer T Bone Burnett, who’s been at the boards for John’s recent studio records ‘The Union’ and ‘The Diving Board.’ Asked about his recent admission that he couldn’t imagine ever working with another producer, John revealed that he’s actually been in the studio with Burnett even more recently than ‘The Diving Board.’

“I just did a thing with him the other day for ‘American Epic,’ a six-episode program about the history of the blues,” said John. “I got to use the original machine from 1934 that Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong recorded on, and I wrote a special song with Bernie [Taupin], and Jack White played on it. So it went straight to analog. That was a lot of fun. Recording sometimes can be stressful. But with T Bone, it’s really fun and I don’t freak out and I’m much more relaxed than I would be with anybody else.”Please follow TMW on Twitter and Facebook.

Katy Perry's New Single 'Unconditionally' Out December 16th 2013: Katy Says Its Her Favorite on Album

This week global superstar, Katy Perry scored her second No.1 album in the UK with new album Prism. The album follows the huge success of Katy's chart topping single Roar which was certified platinum in the UK this week (600,000 sales).

Prism has already been certified Gold (100,000 sales) in the UK and globally the album is a smash shooting to No. 1 on iTunes charts in 90 markets around the world. In the U.S Prism has scored Katy the best sales week of her career and the largest US sales week for a female artist this year.

Lead single "Roar" has already sold more than five million singles worldwide. It's certified 6X Platinum in Australia (where it's topped the chart for nine consecutive weeks), 4X Platinum in Canada (where it has become the biggest-selling single in chart history and has been the No. 1 airplay record on three formats for five weeks running) and 2X Platinum in New Zealand (where it's been No. 1 for 11 consecutive weeks). "Roar" has gone Platinum not only in the UK but in Italy, Mexico, Norway, Ireland and Sweden and is certified Gold in 10 countries.

"She sounds like a woman, and an artist, who's finally found herself" said the Telegraph "Katy Perry deserves credit for injecting originality into PRISM "noted the Independent" whilst The Times said "It's packed with hooks and it's got a message of empowerment to boot ". "PRISM should keep Katy Perry where she's been for a while - at the top of the charts "exclaimed Timeout and the Financial Times said "The singing is powerful and versatile. Perry's place at the top of pop's A-list is secured."

The story of Prism started three years ago, on the heels of 2010's Grammy-nominated Teenage Dream, and after what proved to be one of the most challenging years of her personal life, Katy's cotton-candy world took a turn down a road of self-reflection as she was creating her new album. "I did a lot of figuring out who I am and reconnecting with myself and growing," she says. "I've let a lot of light in, and through that it's inspired me to write certain songs that are full of that wonderful positivity."

The name, in a sense, says it all. "I feel like a walking prism. I get to shine a light and beam it to all of my listeners through my songs. I am really proud of all of the songs on this record, and everyone says something different. There are a lot of different colours, a lot of different moods, and a lot of different emotions. I've learned a lot of things in the past year as I was making it. When I started writing in November 2012, I was in a much darker place. You can see the transition I was going through in the first song I wrote for the record with Greg Wells, 'By the Grace of God.' Then, there came a point this past year where I needed to reflect and sit down and be like, 'Okay, what's going on inside of me, and what are some things I need to get clear and deal with? How can I help myself get to the next level and grow?' I guess you just have to be open and ready for it."

The record features collaborations with Katy's "dream team" of Max Martin, Dr. Luke and Cirkut, which yielded seven of PRISM's 13 tracks (16 on the deluxe): "Legendary Lovers," "Birthday," "Unconditionally," "Dark Horse," "International Smile," "Ghost," and #1 track and lead single, "Roar." Other collaborations include Bloodshy ("Love Me"), Greg Kurstin and Sia ("Double Rainbow"), as well as a return to the studio with "Firework" producers Stargate ("This Moment").

Katy co-wrote every autobiographical track. "Being a writer for me is also about being an observer-observing culture, observing people and relationships, observing myself and my feelings. I put all that stuff in there. I write with my girlfriend Bonnie McKee a lot, but sometimes I write by myself. The lyrics to my favourite song on the album, 'Unconditionally,' just came to me all at once. It's just about me being able to tell my story completely and with great imagery. It's kind of mathematical-this adds, this subtracts-but in general the theme this time around is just me. I look at the record as telling my whole story, not just making sure every song is a hit. And as much as I enjoyed the candy confection era, I think it's nice to get back to my roots for a bit."

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October 30, 2013

Guy Fieri's Publicist Says Fight Was "Bunch of Guys Messing Around"


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Katy Perry's PRISM Debuts at #1

(pr)—PRISM, Katy Perry's new studio album, debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. According to Nielsen SoundScan, 286,344 units were sold in the US in the album's first week of release - giving the global pop superstar the best sales week of her career and reflecting a nearly 50% increase over first week sales of 2010'sTeenage Dream, which debuted at No. 1 in eight countries and spent more than two years on the Billboard 200. The strong showing also marked 2013's largest US sales week for a female artist. PRISM is the first No. 1 album for the Capitol Music Group since Chris Tomlin's Burning Lights topped the chart in January and the first No. 1 album for the Capitol label since August, 2012.

The album is a global smash as well, shooting to No. 1 on iTunes in 90 markets around the world. Lead single "Roar" has already sold more than five million singles worldwide. It's certified 6X Platinum in Australia (where it's topped the chart for nine consecutive weeks), 4X Platinum in Canada (where it has become the biggest-selling single in chart history and has been the No. 1 airplay record on three formats for five weeks running) and 2X Platinum in New Zealand (where it's been No. 1 for 11 consecutive weeks). "Roar" has gone Platinum in the UK, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Ireland and Sweden and is certified Gold in 10 countries.

"Perry has never sounded better," said People. "This is a pop blockbuster that easily beats 2010's hit-laden behemoth Teenage Dream." "She's making the mainstream not just swimming in it," noted Entertainment Weekly while Idolator hailed the album as a "transcendental pop experience." "Prism strikes a newly sophisticated balance between accessibility and idiosyncrasy," observed the Los Angeles Times and The New York Timessaid, "Katy Perry is the most potent pop star of the day."

Following the success of "Roar," PRISM's second single, "Unconditionally" is undeniably Katy's next hit. Over 200 Pop, Rhythm and HOT AC stations have already added it and the song is already in the Top 20 most played at Pop in its first week- it's no doubt that the song's rapid rise is the making of yet another smash album.

Katy celebrated the release of PRISM with a series of special events:

- The Katy Perry iHeartRadio Album Release Party was the inaugural event at Clear Channel Media and Entertainment's new iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles. The October 22 event featured a live performance and Q&A with Katy, hosted by on-air talent/TV personality Mario Lopez. It aired live on 175 Clear Channel Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR), Rhythmic CHR, Adult Contemporary (AC) and Hot AC stations around the country and exclusively online at Yahoo Screen. The party was televised on The CW Network later that week. Katy also took over all Clear Channel CHR radio stations nationwide and on iHeartRadio as guest DJ, as CCM+E branded its stations "Katy Perry Radio" for the entire day.

- Citi and CBS Radio presented Katy Perry's WE CAN SURVIVE on October 23 at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl. Ellie Goulding, Sara Bareilles, Tegan & Sara, Kacey Musgraves and Bonnie McKee joined Katy in the sold-out show with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Young Survival Coalition, the premier global organization dedicated to the critical issues unique to young women who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

- On October 25, Katy's performance at Colorado's Lakewood High School aired live on "Good Morning America." Lakewood was one of nearly 1,000 high schools that submitted lip dub videos of "Roar" to the "Good Morning America's 'Roar' With Katy Perry Contest." View Katy's performance and the winning clip here.

Katy co-wrote each track on PRISM, with various producers including Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Klas Ahlund, and Greg Wells. PRISM also features collaborations with Bloodshy ("Love Me"), Greg Kurstin and Sia ("Double Rainbow"), as well as a return to the studio with "Firework" producers Stargate ("This Moment").

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October 29, 2013

Miley Cyrus: 'I'd Rather Strip Than Cry'

Singer Miley Cyrus insists that she was happy to peel off for her Wrecking Ball promo but hated shedding a tear on camera.

The singer stripped to a pair of boots to swing on demolition equipment for the clip, attracting a slew of barbed remarks from critics accusing her of taking her sexy new image too far.

But the former Hannah Montana star is adamant she has no problem with nudity and was far more concerned with the segment of the video when she openly weeps on camera.

She tells YouTube channel VEVO, "For me, nudity has never been something that I've ever tripped about... I'd rather be naked in front of people than cry in front of people because I don't like showing weakness and that shows a lot of, like, vulnerabilities. It was harder to be in that, like, emotional state in front of so many people on set rather than it just be about being naked."

Complaints After Lady Gaga's 'X Factor' Performance

Lady Gaga's latest provocative performance on British talent show The X Factor had sparked a slew of complaints.

Officials at TV watchdog agency Ofcom have revealed they received more than 100 complaints from viewers after the pop star stripped to her underwear for a raunchy routine on the show on Sunday night - at the height of family viewing.

Parents have urged the authorities to take action against network bosses at ITV for allowing her to shock and stun in flesh-colored pants and a bra decorated with shells, similar to the outfit she wore onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, while children were watching.

Another 60 viewers have complained directly to ITV about Gaga's provocative performance.

In a statement released on Monday, ITV bosses said, “We do not believe Lady Gaga’s performance was inappropriate for the family audience of the show, which has an established tradition of performances from the biggest music stars. She’s well known for her highly individual style.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Ofcom adds, “We will assess all the complaints received on this issue before deciding whether to investigate.”

The TV set ended a racy few days for Gaga, who stripped down to her bra and panties for a gig at a sex club in Berlin, Germany on Thursday and then bared all after stepping out of a flowing white dress during a surprise performance at a London gay club on Saturday.

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Lady Gaga: Glamour December Cover Girl

Lady Gaga graces the December cover of Glamour Magazine! She was named  named  “Woman of The Year”.

Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes look at Lady Gaga's photo shoot! Issue is on sale now.

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OMG! Lady Gaga Gets Completely Naked on Stage

Talk about a full frontal facepalm. Lady Gaga fancies herself a performance artist, so it's not too surprising to hear news of the pop star doing something crazy in the name of art. But performing completely naked on stage? That's a new one… even for Gaga.

Mother Monster performed a surprise set at London nightclub G-A-Y this past weekend. Singing her new song "Venus," Gaga started the show dressed up as a ghost… but soon after stripped down to just her birthday suit.

Comedian Matt Lucas tweeted after the show: "Just saw Lady Gaga do a surprise set at G-A-Y... All agreed it was impressive but we're staying gay." Fair enough.

Gaga's performance was definitely racy, but is it the most R-rated on-stage performance of all time?

Read more at FoxNews

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Say Bye, Bye To Jonas Brothers—At Least For Now


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X Factor's Simon Cowell: 'I Think I'll Be a Good Dad'

My number one fear is being bored,” says Simon Cowell. “I’d rather jump off a bridge than retire and play golf.” With the third season of The X Factor under way, a booming music and television company to look after and a baby due this winter, Cowell’s competitive spirit keeps him anything but blasĂ©.

Cowell spoke to Parade about fatherhood, his favorite X-Factor and Idol judges, and what he was like as a kid.

Here are the highlights:

What are you most looking forward to about fatherhood?
I’m not brilliant with babies. I never know what to do. But [once he’s older] I think I’ll be a good dad in terms of advice. And then I’ll get to do all the things I want to do, like go to Disneyland or Universal Studios, teach him how to drive—I love all that.

What kind of music will you play for him?
He’ll listen to whatever I listen to and make his own choices. It’s funny—my mom played Frank Sinatra when I was a kid, and because he was her choice, I used to hate it; but I love Sinatra now. He always looked like he was having fun and he didn’t conform. That’s probably why I’ve got pictures of him all over my house!

What would people be surprised to know about you?
I love animals and cartoons. I pretty much like everything I liked as a kid—the same foods and TV programs. I still watch Scooby-Doo. I never grew up.

You’ve worked alongside many judges over the years. Who’s been the most fun?
Paula [Abdul] and Randy [Jackson] were hilarious on American Idol. We had such a great time in the early years. I like working with Demi [Lovato, on The X Factor]. We bicker, and it’s like having a bratty younger sister, but she’s got a great heart.

When it comes to criticisms, you’re the master. Were you always like that?
I was lippy as a kid. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I was always getting into trouble with my parents and in school, finding things funny that shouldn’t be. I couldn’t go to weddings or church because I would just lose it.

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October 28, 2013

Prince Harry Breaks Toe Weeks Before South Pole Trek

Prince Harry has vowed to continue with his 208-mile trek across Antarctica despite suffering a foot injury.

Harry, 29, who recently became an uncle to Prince George, broke one of his toes just weeks before he is due to begin the gruelling South Pole expedition.

“Prince Harry has broken his toe in the last few weeks,” a spokesman for the fourth-in-line explained.

“He will not be revealing how it happened, it is a private matter.

“However, there is no doubt about the South Pole trek. He will definitely be going.”

Harry has been training non-stop for the 16-day expedition, which will see him face harsh winds and freezing cold temperatures.

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Cher to Perform, Guest Judge on Next Week's Dancing With The Stars

ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" celebrates the legendary music career of Cher MONDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET). The news was confirmed live on this evening's broadcast.

The iconic Oscar, Grammy and Emmy Award winning singer and actress will open the show with a dazzling and spectacular performance of her hit song "Believe" before joining judges' Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba to give critiques and scores on each celebrity routine. The seven remaining couples will compete in two rounds of dance. In the first round, each couple will take on a dance style they have not previously performed including the Tango, Argentine Tango, Contemporary, Viennese Waltz, Jazz, Disco, and Foxtrot. The couple to receive the highest total score from the judges in this round will receive immunity and not be subject to elimination. In the second round, the six remaining couples will compete in a thrilling head-to-head "dance off" competition. The winning couples of the "dance off" round will be awarded additional Judges' points that will be added to their overall score for the night. At the end of the show, Cher will perform her new single, "I Hope You Find It" from her current album, "Closer To The Truth", which debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Pop Charts, before one couple is eliminated.

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