October 5, 2013

Elton John 'Plays Cupid For Lady Gaga and Johnny Depp'

Sir Elton John is reportedly convinced Johnny Depp and Lady Gaga will be the next power couple.

The British singer is close friends with Gaga, who is godmother to his sons Zachary, two, and eight-month-old Elijah. He apparently recently invited the flamboyant singer out for a meal under the pretence of discussing work, but brought Hollywood icon Johnny along too in the hope sparks would fly.

'Elton was determined to hook up Johnny and Gaga,' an insider told National Enquirer. 'While the meeting was under the guise of a future musical collaboration, Elton is convinced the two superstars would make an amazing power couple even though they're both dating other people right now.'

Johnny is romancing Amber Heard at the moment, while Gaga has been dating Taylor Kinney for two years.

The two stars apparently got along well while with Elton, who took them to West Hollywood restaurant Craig's at the end of last month.

'Johnny and Gaga hit it off immediately,' the source claimed. 'They bonded over music, flirted a little and basically got to know each other. By the end of the night, they'd already made plans to see each other again. Elton just sat there grinning.

'He thinks Johnny and Gaga are destined to be together.'

Elton apparently believes Taylor is too immature for Gaga, although it's unknown why.

Although Elton and Gaga have been close for years, he recently hinted there have been some problems in their relationship. She has been focusing on the release of her third record ARTPOP this year, so hasn't always had time for her friends.

'I'd like to be able to talk to her right now, but I can't get through to her,' Elton previously admitted. 'And there are times when you have to listen. When your persona begins to take over your music and becomes more important, you enter a dangerous place. Once you have people around you who don't question you, you're in a dangerous place.'

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