December 3, 2013

Katy Perry And John Mayer Release New Single Together

Between all of its ups and downs and breakup tracks and makeup tracks, John Mayer has repeated that his relationship with Katy Perry has always been — before anything else — a "very private" one. That is, until Monday (December 2), when the two made something of a public statement by debuting the very couply cover art for their equally couply track "Who You Love."

And as if the "love giggle" and lyrics like "If it's who you love/ then it's who you love" on the Paradise Valley duet aren't proof enough, their version of a family photo shoot make it clear: It's different this time around.

Shot in black and white by Mario Sorrenti for, the shots put any relationship doubts to rest — from the shot of Katy Perry in a turtleneck wrapping her arm around Mayer, to the photo of him kissing Katy's neck as she leans back and pops her foot, to the artwork photo in which she lays seductively on a leather couch as he plays his guitar.

Source: MTV

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