December 24, 2013

Peter Asher Finds Another Rare Beatles Demo

Veteran musician Peter Asher has unveiled another gem for fans of The Beatles after unearthing an unheard demo of a track by Paul McCartney.

Earlier this year, the former Peter & Gordon star thrilled fans by broadcasting a rare solo version of McCartney's A World Without Love at his concerts after finding the recording in a storage lock-up in Los Angeles.

Now he has also uncovered a demo of McCartney's I'll Follow The Sun and hopes to play it for fans, even though the recording got damaged when it was transferred from cassette to digital format.

Asher, an old pal of McCartney's and the brother of his former girlfriend Jane Asher, tells, "I have a demo of I'll Follow the Sun that is kind of damaged. Somehow when it got transferred to digital, it got some big digital noises and (a) gap in the middle of it... But I have that which I'll throw in the show eventually at some point or I'll play it somewhere. I think he recorded that at the same time he recorded the World Without Love demo."

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