February 8, 2014

Celebrity Author Mark Bego Debuts His Cooking Blog: Mark Bego Cooks/Cook Like A Rock Star

Best-selling author Mark Bego, has just debuted his cooking blog entitled “Mark Bego Cooks / Cook Like a Rock Star.” Bego, who has cooked since he was a teenager, has taken his passion for great food, and his career as the most prolific rock & roll biographer in the business, and melded them together to become a website that is destined to morph into becoming his first all-star cookbook.

The blog feature over a dozen of Mark’s personally developed recipes and he has also gathered together a growing list of rock star recipes. “The blog started out with a recipe from Mary Wilson of The Supremes and her ‘Stir-Fried Vegetable Brown Rice Medley.’ When I interviewed Boz Scaggs, I received his ‘Tuscan Grilled Chicken’ recipe from him. Then I got Jimmy Greenspoon to give me his ‘Three Dog Night Three Alarm Chili.’ One of the blog’s big prizes is Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas and her amazing ‘Organic Lemon Chicken’ recipe.”

According to Bego: “When Mary Wilson of The Supremes and I published a 2012 / 2013 magazine to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the release of the album ‘Meet The Supremes,’ we included a couple of ‘Supreme’ recipes. It was so much fun to make and photograph Mary’s spotlight recipes, an idea lit up in my head: ‘Why not gather recipes from all of my favorite rock & roll stars, and include them in one book?’ However, to accomplish this I needed to have some of my own cooking credibility as well, and so was born the ‘Mark Bego Cooks’ side of the ‘Cook Like a Rock Star’ blog.”

Bego’s next book will be Life with My Father Glen Campbell (Omnibus) by his daughter Debby Campbell and Mark, set for an April 2014 release. Also to be included is a recipe from Glen Campbell via daughter Debby. “Maybe, Campbell’s soup” adds Bego.

Although Bego has written and published 60 books on rock & roll, he had no public identity as a cook, so he started revisiting some of his favorite recipes, tweaking them, writing down the ingredients and processes, and photographing the results.

Why the sudden sidestep into food? As Mark explains it: “I have written books on what the sex life of the stars are like, what drugs they have used as a crutch, and what they have overcome on their personal road to the top. Now it’s time for me to explore what it is they cook and eat when they are in their own homes.”

Bego showed up at La Mia Tuscana restaurant in Tucson, Arizon, where he resides, and helped prepare a meal with chef/owner Giancarlo Stefanutto.

Photo by Daniel Bini

“MARK BEGO COOKS” LINK: http://markbegocooks.weebly.com/mark-bego-cooks.html

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