February 25, 2014

Cher Finds Dressed To Kill Show a Real Challenge

Cher admits her new show is "so f**king hard".

The diva's Dressed to Kill tour kicks off in just a month but Cher admits she's struggling through rehearsals.

She took to Twitter on Sunday, admitting her set list pushes her vocal abilities to the limit. "SANG 4 HRS LAST NITE THIS SHOW IS SO FKNG HARD ALMOST EVERY NEW SONG IS AT'TOP' OF MY RANGE," she wrote (sic).

The Dressed to Kill tour is scheduled to kick off in Phoenix, Arizona on March 22 and will hop between the US and Canada before wrapping in San Diego, California July 11.

Cher has been keeping fans up-to-date about the show's progress. Earlier this month she sent love out to her crew members, saying they were all "beat" after working non-stop to get everything in order.

"Therapist says I'm an Animal,&Ahead of schedule,but Im must eat Now," she tweeted, later adding, "Sorry so few Twts,but seems every second is filled with Show! Been falling asleep at 10 ! You ALL Know Me..IM NIGHT OWL!" (sic).

Cher and the crew are also mourning the tragic loss of a fellow team member. She shared the sad news with fans earlier this month. "Michelle Iown Stock was Killed in a car Crash ! A LOSS of ONE CREW MEMBER IS A LOSS FOR ALL," she wrote.

Cher declined to share details about the accident, but said she considered Michelle 'family'.

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