February 3, 2014

Ariana Grande Breaks Down on the Red Carpet at the Grammy Awards

Actress and singer Ariana Grande had an upsetting night and didn't enjoy herself very much at the Grammy Awards last week. While on the red carpet and giving press interviews, the tears were flowing.

It appears Grande may have insecurity issues concerning her looks and fashion choices. These were only made worse during the Grammy's by some jabbing Tweets. Unfortunately, Ariana looked at Twitter just before going on the red carpet, and a critical fan had some unkind words to say about her dress and her hair extensions. This served to ruin her red carpet showing.

Grande’s sorrow only worsened when she was questioned about friend Justin Bieber’s recent brush with the law for driving under the influence. Grande grew sullen and displayed sympathetic compassion for Bieber. She is angered and frustrated about all of the people making fun of Bieber for the incident. She believes that Bieber has issues with isolation and excessive fame and that he needs professional help.

Ariana Grande is best recognized for her child acting jobs on Nickelodeon as well as her singing and songwriting. She is still recording and to attending acting auditions. Her job has inherently entailed many stressors and brought her close to other stars that go through traumatic experiences due to their celebrity status. Hopefully she will not encounter the same hindrances as Bieber and others, and her mood will be better at future events.

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