March 6, 2014

Lady Gaga to Headline SXSW Bold Stage Show—Story and Video

After denying her permit to perform, it seems like Lady Gaga will now be performing at a bigger location at the SXSW festival on March 13th!

For starters, the brand’s bringing Lady Gaga to town to headline the “#BoldStage” show on March 6th. But the only way for Little Monstersto land a ticket is to take up a bold challenge from the brand. Doritos is taking the SXSW opportunity to launch its new “Bold Missions”campaign which will use Facebook, Twitter and Vine to dare its fans to pull off a range of stunts and challenges in return for prizes. At SXSW, the prize is one of 2,000 tickets to see Gaga, and the missions include jumping from a 30-foot high platform to grab a dangling #BoldStage ticket, busk on the street using instruments Doritos provides to earn $10 in 10 minutes or less, and go up against roller derby pros while wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler suit. Read more at Gaga Media

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