March 25, 2014

Cher's Dressed To Kill Tour Costume Crisis

Cher feared one of her stage costumes would snap her head “like a twig” Saturday.

The 67-year-old pop diva opened her Dressed to Kill tour in Phoenix, Arizona at the weekend.

But one elaborate headdress apparently failed to make the show because it was weighing on her so heavily, and it was too crazy backstage to fix the costume drama.

“Well,had 4 more hrs.of Fittings… Re-Fit “TROGIE”& Helmet,It was SO Big (Beautiful)It almost snapped my head like a Twig,” she tweeted on Sunday (sic).

“Didn’t make show Cause if I leaned forward AT ALL, My Helmet kept GOING ( Like old “I [love] LUCY” Sketch!) Backstage was PANDEMONIUM! OMG” (sic).

Following Billboard’s report the singer was “sobbing” backstage, admitted to the crowd some of her costumes didn’t fit and had forgotten the lyrics to two of her songs, Cher confessed to the world the stage show is still a “work in progress”.

After a fan told her she should “fire” her new costume designer, the singer tweeted: “You’re Right everything was SO LAST MIN.Some Wigs weren’t Perfect,But some just needed change.NEVER HAD COSTUMES ON TILL 2NITE” (sic).

Cher said her team is working as hard as possible to get all of the moving parts in order. That includes learning new moves in addition to more fittings.

“b4 Showtime I was being fitted 4 Costumes!Shoe man is punk,No Boots,Shoes! Learned New choreog.yesterday.New Wigs 2Nite! Killed ourselves,” she explained (sic).

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