March 27, 2014

Lady Gaga Declares Herself 'Twitter Queen'

Modern pop icon Lady Gaga has revealed that she first joined social networking site Twitter six years ago so she deserves to be known as its rightful Queen.

Writing on her official page earlier today (March 27), the 'Venus' beauty explained that she can't believe she has been a member for such a long time and because of her commitment to Twitter she should be named as ruler:

"I became a TwitterUser exactly 6yrs ago. Was one of the 1st! Luv to all my followers from the original Twitter queen."

At the moment, Gaga has a total of 41.1 million followers on the site and recently changed her tagline to read: "Spreading love with every invention, forever devoted to the kingdom of monsters."

Meanwhile, she has just released the highly anticipated music video for her new single 'G.U.Y.' and told Sirius XM that it's a metaphor for her own life: "The video is a journey... written like a visual story. But it is sort of a metaphor for my life and the many things I've been through. It's indicative of how disorientated I feel in my experience of pop culture and the pedestals we put people on. I'm snapped back into reality with the water and reality television."

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