March 6, 2014

Lorde Gets Emotional Over Springsteen's Live Performance of "Royals"

Lorde has revealed that she was left a bit emotional after watching Bruce Springsteen cover one of her songs.

As previously reported, the US icon recently surprised fans by performing the 17-year-old's hit song 'Royals' whilst on tour in her home country New Zealand.

The track has been covered numerous times in the recent past, but it seems Springsteen's version struck a chord with Lorde.

She told "My Twitter went mental, everyone in New Zealand was like 'You can't believe what just happened'. It was so exciting, it was the highest honour. He's such an incredible songwriter. I got a little teary. It was very cool."

'Royals' was released as a single last year from Lorde's debut album 'Pure Heroine' and it topped charts worldwide.

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