March 20, 2014

Petition Against Lady Gaga's "glamorisation of bulimia" Gains Popularity

A petition aiming to stop Lady Gaga's apparent "glamorisation of bulimia" is attracting thousands of signatures.

The singer performed at the SXSW Festival earlier this month, but a stage act involving another female vomiting liquid onto her attracted criticism.

Demi Lovato spoke out against the act and a petition was soon launched to cut out "imagery that could trigger fans struggling with eating disorders".

It adds: "This stunt was clearly intended to be provocative, tasteless and to create a media buzz around Lady Gaga. She has pulled similar stunts in the past, for example when she wore meat and fur garments to provoke animal rights supporters. But in this case, she should be more sensitive, having suffered from bulimia in the past."

At the time of writing, the petition is on the cusp of reaching its target of 10,000 signatures.

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