March 26, 2014

Tattoo Experts Critique Justin Bieber's Growing Ink Collection

Rocky Rakovic, editor-in-chief of Inked magazine, has given his opinion ofsome of Justin Bieber's tattoos and revealed that his lower right arm is a mess of typical 'first tattoos' dotted around the skin.

Speaking to MTV News about the ink that the 'As Long As You Love Me' heartthrob has on his right arm, Rocky explained that they're all generic designs and nothing really stands out:

"I'm a big believer (Belieber?) in that one can do as they please with their body, but Bieber just went and filled out his lower right arm with a tattoo starter kit. Let's examine his choices of left forearm body art: Spade, Banksy girl, video game figure, pool 8-ball. Those are five of the top 10 tattoos gotten by people getting their first tattoos."

Matty No Times of New York's illustrious Three Kings Tattoo also opened up about some of Bieber's work and praised a couple of his designs: "The knight and the castle are really nicely done. They are drawn well and executed well. The shading is smooth, there are varying line weights, which create shape and shadow in the armor of the king. This is a nice tattoo."

No Times added that he also likes the detail of the eye Bieber got to honour his mother, Pattie Mallette: "The eye is a great tattoo, also. It is very detailed and realistic."

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