March 10, 2014

WatzOn.TV Announces Online Television Channel for Mac Wire and On the Teen Beat

Hey readers, The Mac Wire and our sister site, On The Teen Beat has joined forces with Watzon.TV. It's a pretty cool site. If you are a TV addict, you will love it! It takes only about 60 seconds to create your favorite channel. Check it out and let us know what you think!—M.A. Cassata

Today, WatzOn.TV announced immediate availability of a Free Online On-Demand 24/7 Teen Star video channel found at Mixing content from multiple sources like, VEVO and other content providers, viewers can use the automated WatzOn.TV Butler to watch video clips featuring One Direction, Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy, Big Time Rush, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Ross Lynch, Cody Simpson, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Victoria Justice and more. Visitors can even create their own custom channels in less than 60 seconds. For Teen Idol Fans, click-to-watch is no longer necessary – the WatzOn.TV butler automatically finds videos on your favorite celebrity and serves up those videos 24 hours a day!

“It’s so quick and easy to use. Our channels can be created on the fly in about 60 seconds. That makes any social media manager or fan website curator happy – they are creating streaming content and it helps to keep their readers and followers engaged,” said Kimberly Penney, VP, Corporate Communications at WatzOn.TV.

On-Demand Content Streams 24/7, No Clicking Needed!

Many fan clubs and entertainment sites have already benefited from deploying the WatzOn.TV free online On-Demand and CREATE YOUR OWN Television Application. M.A. Cassata, Editorial Director on The Mac Wire and On The Teen Beat, which is known for groups on Facebook, recently committed to deploying WatzOn.TV to all of her websites and fan pages in her worldwide network of followers. Her plan is to tweet and share it to fans of both sites featured stars so that other content providers can do the same and send it to their readers. WatzOn.TV will enable Ms. Cassata to easily produce and disseminate content that her followers and readers enjoy.

“It helps me to do my job faster and get more content to the fans of and Then, they can create their own channels. These are the stars that our readers enjoy and want to see on video ~ photos aren’t enough, especially for the teen site,” said Ms. Cassata. “We don’t have to hunt for our favorite clips – they are on demand for us 24/7 on our iPhones, iPads, Androids, computers and Google Chromecast. It’s a dream come true for any celebrity-watcher and it helps keep celebs in the news and promoting their new products and events. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

WatzOn.TV Availability – All Interactive Mediums Including Google Chromecast

WatzOn.TV is an application driven by end-user channel creation – it takes 60 seconds to make a channel for your favorite band or singer and watch them 24 hours a day or mix them with others. When a user is on WatzOn.TV, he can decide what kind of television experience he wants every day! It’s also perfect for businesses that are making their own TV shows, tutorial articles, reviews, clips, funny commentary or any other video vehicles. Another key feature is the ability to pick up where you left off – there’s nothing better than having the system remember where you left off on a show and continue from that point without having to search. WatzOn.TV is available for immediate download at iTunes and on Google Play and can be found online at http://www.WatzOn.TV. It is also available on Google Chromecast.

Founded in 2013, WatzOn.TV is a worldwide innovator in on-demand video content streaming. The company offers a suite of applications designed to push video content out to any user who uses an iPhone, iPad, Android or computer and enjoys on-demand streaming content and content curating. The ease of use and integration with video mediums make it easy to use and accessible anywhere there is Wi-Fi or internet connectivity. WatzOn.TV presented their new technology at CES and will be doing the same at SXSW Interactive, which are top interactive trade shows in 2014.

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