April 22, 2014

Fan Girl, Ariana Grande Meets Childhood Crush, Jim Carrey! (VIDEO)

We just love stories like this. Short, but sweet. Watch how Ariana Grande holds back her tears meeting her childhood crush Jim Carrey at the White House Easter Egg Roll.
Via Ariana Grande/Instgram

Most Arianators would cry at the opportunity to meet Ariana Grande. The talent! The personality! The ability to meet your idol — the person you look to every day but have never been able to talk to.

Well, sometimes we forget that our idols have idols too, which can be a bit mindblowing. After all, Ariana is a fan too!

Exhibit A: You see this Instagram vid? Yeah, that's Grande hard-core fangirling over comedian Jim Carrey. I mean, the girl is absolutely losing it.—MTV News

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