May 9, 2014

Lady Gaga Holds artRAVE Q&A on Twitter

Lady Gaga took to Twitter this Thursday to hold an artRAVE Q&A in which fans had the oppertunity to ask her questions regarding the new world tour. We have summarized the most important information that was revealed below!

Q: Will you play new songs during the tour?
A: We have plans to play some new songs yes, we like the show to grow and change over time in small ways. especially the music!

Q: Who is the opening act in Australia?
A: I can’t tell you yet, but it continues to follow the themes of our rave so far!

Q: Is there any way possible that you will be picking fans not from the ARTPOP zone to go backstage with you?
A: Yes a i pick a few people every night out of the audience that are not VIP! I have no rules where I pick from! We’re inspired by authentic raver gear, inflatable clothes +erect outfits. Alla Jeff Koons inflatable sexual contemporary

Q: Are you gonna release a DVD from the tour?
A: Yes!

Q: Why wasn’t Dope on the set list?
A: Dope is not on for now because I wanted to have a happy kick-off.

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