May 25, 2014

U2 Bono and the Edge Collaborating With Director John Carney On New Musical

Let's hope that Bono and the Edge from U2 have a bit easier time working on their next musical.

After the tremendous upheaval and critical drubbing that greeted their last show, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, it's a surprise that the pair would get involved with another musical but word is that they are working with director John Carney on his semi-autobiographical film Sing Street.

Carney directed the musical hit film Once in 2006 and hopes to do it again with this story based on his childhood and love of music. The film revolves around a 14-year-old boy who forms a band, writes songs and shoots videos, all in hopes of escaping his homelife.

The full extent of Bono and the Edge's involvement is not yet clear. It is known that they are working on music for the film but there are indications that they may also be involved in other ways.

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